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    HD5 Shock tune on a HD3

    Anyone know if the lighter HSC/R tune on the HD5 will work on a HD3? .. Trying to get it a little more plush on big hits.

    And if so, when I send it in to be tuned, what do I ask for ?


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    If I remember correctly, the HD3 had a custom tune with the X2. I think it was just lighter compression and medium rebound. Don't quote me on that. I purchased a retail X2 (MY2018), with the thought of getting a lighter compression tune to match stock, but this shock has such a tunable range that I decided it wasn't needed. It took quite a few rides and tweaks, though. The X2 transformed the HD3, IMHO.

    I think someone here had requested the Ibis custom retune for his Fox shock from the factory.

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    Bought an aftermarket X2 for my HD3 in the fall and then decided to build up a HD5 recently so I ordered it with the DPX2 with the intention of swapping the X2 to the hD5 and the DPX2 to the HD3. The DPX2 feels good so far on the HD3 and as Hawseman mentioned the X2 has such a wide adjustment range that it works perfectly on the HD5. If it had the traction tune I would probably be running the compression adjustments further in but I don't really care how many clicks I'm running as long as I can get it feeling how I want.

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