• 08-03-2019
    Hd3 to ripley v4, how to adjust gearing
    On hd3, I have 32 oval front and 10- 42 rear, using 42 very rarely. On ripley, i have 10-50 rear, not sure if to go with 30 or 32 front. We have a lot of slow speed climbs where i suspect it is tougher to get those bigger wheels spinning. I am in co front range.
  • 08-04-2019
    I ride and HD3 and if we are not going up we are going down on my trails in VT and there is a lot more going up! I have a 32 Oval and 10-51 gearing and its fine. My old legs might have liked a 30 oval up front and I may go there, but I'm looking at as strength training. If you barely used the 42 and now have a 50, I'd go with 32 oval. Once you get the 29er whees spinning off a start, I don't see a huge difference unless you are running big meaty tires.