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    HD140 fork question

    OK, my HD is sitting in the shop, should be with me as soon as a mistake with the limbo chip is sorted, and I'm considering fork options.
    I'm going to be transferring the build kit across from my regular Mojo- at the moment this includes the Float 140 fork.
    Is this going to be too short- do I need the extra a-c of a 150 fork to keep the head angle reasonable? I'm pretty happy with the angles on my existing Mojo, and tbh this is going to be used mainly as a trail bike.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Question: Why the move to the HD? W/o knowing the actual reason, the assumption is for more aggressive riding which leads to the general acceptance of slacker angles = better technical riding.

    Soooooooooooo, you say you're happy with the angles on your Mojo now. Are you looking for the same geo with the HD? Personally I wouldn't but even with a 140, the HD has a 68 degree HA. Slacker than the Mojo but personally for a bike such as the HD, I'd want a 67 which should be accomplished with a 150 fork.

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    oobie, you're riding the cutting edge man..... nobody's gonna know until somebody tries it.... looks like you're that somebody. Personally I think you're going to like it.... based on currently available info from Ibis your HA should be in the 68 - 68.5 range. That's where my std Mojo is with a RS Rev 140 fork w/ 650b wheel, and I like the geometry better than I did with a shorter A-C Fox Float & 26" wheel. If you're riding involves lots of rock gardens like mine does low bb height could be an issue.... of course, the trade-off there is that it will absolutely shred corners with a low bb.
    Please report back how the fork works, and how it compares to your std Mojo. Inquiring minds want to know...

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    mojo Hd140 with a 150 fork is supposed to be 68 degrees, so you would be 68.5 degrees. Shouldn't be that dramatic of a difference.

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