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Thread: HD in WC action

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    HD in WC action

    Wicked run for the old boy Lopes. Top 20 I think but waaaay to goooo PEEEEAAATTTTTYYY!!!

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    Results Men ELite DH Final

    1 PEAT Steve Great Britain 48.735 0.00
    2 MINNAAR Greg South Africa 48.507 +0.05
    3 HANNAH Michael Australia 48.735 +0.69
    4 BAREL Fabien France 46.125 +0.84
    5 HILL Samuel Australia 48.280 +2.71
    6 ATHERTON Gee Great Britain 46.125 +3.92
    7 RENNIE Nathan Australia 1:16.85 +3.98
    8 LEOV Justin New Zealand 46.963 +3.99
    9 KOVARIK Chris Australia 47.39 +4.02
    10 SMITH Steve Canada 46.751 +4.17
    11 ATKINSON Bryn Australia 49.435 +4.74
    12 GRAVES Jared Australia 45.117 +4.98
    13 WARREN Cody United States 45.920 +5.62
    14 GIORDANENGO Aurelien France 43.965 +5.64
    15 STRAIT Kyle United States 45.92 +5.98
    16 RANDO Jared Australia 45.117 +6.23
    17 BLENKINSOP Samuel New Zealand 46.540 +7.14
    18 LOPES Brian United States 47.612 +7.25
    19 POLC Filip Slovakia 45.920 +7.43
    20 GUTIERREZ VILLEGAS Marcelo Colombia 46.963 +7.58
    21 GWIN Aaron United States 45.716 +7.79

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    1 Steve Peat (Great Britain) 2:30.33 0
    2 Greg Minnaar (South Africa) 2:30.38 0.05
    3 Michael Hannah (Australia) 2:31.02 0.69
    4 Fabien Barel (France) 2:31.17 0.84
    5 Samuel Hill (Australia) 2:33.04 2.71
    6 Gee Atherton (Great Britain) 2:34.25 3.92
    7 Nathan Rennie (Australia) 2:34.31 3.98
    8 Justin Leov (New-Zealand) 2:34.32 3.99
    9 Chris Kovarik (Australia) 2:34.35 4.02
    10 Steve Smith (Canada) 2:34.50 4.17
    11 Bryn Atkinson (Australia) 2:35.07 4.74
    12 Jared Graves (Australia) 2:35.31 4.98
    13 Cody Warren (United States Of America) 2:35.95 5.62
    14 Aurélien Giordanengo (France) 2:35.97 5.64
    15 Kyle Strait (United States Of America) 2:36.31 5.98
    16 Jared Rando (Australia) 2:36.56 6.23
    17 Samuel Blenkinsop (New-Zealand) 2:37.47 7.14
    18 Brian Lopes (United States Of America) 2:37.58 7.25
    19 Filip Polc (Slovakia) 2:37.76 7.43
    20 Marcelo Gutierrez Villegas (Colombia) 2:37.91 7.58


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    That was a flawless run by Lopes - good job mate

    Good to see Peaty finish number 1, ya just gotta love that guy.

    What's going on Gee this year, just not performing like he was last year.
    "Nice bike...Take it off any sweet jumps?"

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    I wonder if he would have done better if he rode later in the pack.
    Still a friggin awesome run.

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    Lopes pinned it man, simply flawless even by his standards but by all account the course was not the long bmx track many predicted. Much of the time was mad up at the top with the power pedalers simply extending their advantage.

    Stocked for Lopes, a very good run, look at some of the big names he dispatched. Stoked for Ibis, those rock sections were rough as, great to see an HD in action on a WC course.

    As for the course itself, I thought it was pretty decent, fast, loose rocky but you still needed to man up at the end.

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    I was at the world (standing in the section called "triple treat!) and man...Lopes looked sooo smooth on his mojo HD- he held the hot seat for a while, and looked incredible...
    can't wait for these bikes- top 20 at the worlds....insane....

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    ianthom, did the wind shift direction or pick up towards the end? There was a sudden 2 or 3 second faster times of the top 4 riders. Watching the Freecaster show it looked like the wind was very strong at their backs over most of the coarse at the end when the top placing riders ran.

    Poor Minnaar only 5 hundredth of a second, 0.00.05, behind Peat, after gaining back over 1 second in the downwind pedaling section after the middle split time . The wind had to be a factor there. He'll be kicking himself wondering where that missing moment went!

    Sam Hill and Fabien Barel were like Lopes also on short travel 160mm travel bikes and 5 seconds faster than Lopes but ran over an hour later in the day. It's hard to believe Lopes didn't have a wind disadvantage during his run.

    Lopes was commenting on Freecaster for the second half of the DH show after running very early and mentioned he had a rough run, the wind was behind their backs during practice and qualifying and he was 2 seconds slower as were some of the other early riders compared to practice times. If he had what appeared on TV to be the better tail wind in the later runs that 2 seconds would have put him in 13th if he didn't ride any faster than practice, 10th if he gained a second in the race from practice. Although some other riders finishing ahead of him might have gone faster too with better wind.

    Great ride none the less!

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    Quote Originally Posted by derby
    ianthom, did the wind shift direction or pick up towards the end? There was a sudden 2 or 3 second faster times of the top 4 riders. Watching the Freecaster show it looked like the wind was very strong at their backs over most of the coarse at the end when the top placing riders ran.
    Tough to call whether the wind affected or assisted the final riders. I would say the track averages WNW to ESE as the crow flies, and standing at Triple Treat, slightly exposed (on top of a log), the cool breeze seemed to mildly fluctuate in intensity the whole afternoon, and was coming from more of a northery direction than west.

    The commentators kept talking about wind picking up, or calming down, and it seemed in complete contrast to what myself and everyone around me would've said. Even when Glen Jacobs was saying it, and he was only 30m away in a lowered cherry picker (he was blocking the big screen).

    These are the two closest weather stations and their data for that finals run (06/2:00pm - 06/4:00pm) shows NW, or NNW breeze - one says wind picked up in the later runs, the other says it slowed down. Both stations are prob about same distance from Stromlo:

    If anything, I just think the times falling was evident of the rider's abilities. Barel is a freak for going so fast with an ACL injury. Hannah is a freak for going faster. Minnar is one super fit & strong dude. And Peaty had 10+ years of missing out on gold to motivate him to go the extra mile - plus he's in form with 2 WC wins this season.

    None of this takes anything away from Lopes run. In the hot seat for nearly 20 riders. But even he knew he wasn't going to be staying there. I reckon with a full season of DH behind him on that bike, he would've been closer to top 10.

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