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    HD with water bottle?

    I'm guessing this thread has appeared before, but I couldn't find it, so I apologize.

    With the weather heating up, I want to try to do some rides w/o a pack. What water bottle cages have folks had good experiences with on their HDs? Anyone have issues with it getting smashed or ejecting the bottle a lot?

    Also, any sneaky ideas for carrying a tube, CO2, mini tool? I'd rather not wear a jersey with pockets and don't want an enormous seat pack.

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    As far as a cage goes I'd recommend King Cage.

    King Cage - Bicycle waterbottle cages handmade in Durango, CO

    I've bought a couple of them straight from their website and really like them. I have one on my HD and one (sometimes two) on my Tranny.

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    I have the Whiskey Components C3 Carbon Cage and have only lost one bottle in the last 8 months. The thing is a work of art too. One of my favorite parts on my bike.

    Accessories | Whisky Parts Co.

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    I have the king cage ti and love it! No drops and unbelievably light.

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    Specialized Rib Cage Carbon - never dropped a bottle, looks good, light:

    Specialized Bicycle Components

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    Dumb question for the guys with carbon cages - no issues with rocks bouncing off these nice looking light carbon cages? Based on the number of decent sized rocks I hear bouncing off my carbon guard I've always been hesitant to put a cage down there. Thoughts/stories?

    On the tube, CO2, mini tool I'd use a strap to the TT or saddle rails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robo SD View Post
    Specialized Rib Cage Carbon - never dropped a bottle, looks good, light:

    Specialized Bicycle Components
    I've got the cheaper plastic version of this one, no complaints, never dropped a bottle. I've been going with jersey with pockets to hold tube/pump/tool. you could also tape that stuff to the top tube, racer style. I've been enjoying riding without a pack.

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    Went with the Specialized non carbon one (didn't want to spend the $$ for 20 grams since my HD isn't the lightest). The King is rad and I like that it's USA made, but i like the modern look of the spesh on the HD I think. And it feels like it holds super tight.

    Thanks also for the strap advice, those look sweet

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    I've always gone with the $10 alloy generic version. Every once in a while I catch it on a rock or log rollover, and I'm the one being ejected in those situations. The cage usually doesn't fare so well either. But I hate wearing a camelbak on short rides! I recommend the mud guard caps that retrofit to camelbak bottles. I share my trails with dogs, horses, and the occasional homeless human. Mud is no cause for concern, but even the mountain man in me draws the line at ingesting feces.

    For tube, CO2, a cheapo Velcro strap from the hardware store does the job. That void in the "gas can" area is perfect for such things. I've even stowed a jacket there. I saw Jeff Kendall Weed do that once, so figured it was OK with the cool kids.
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