• 06-19-2019
    Anyone running either an Eagle or Shimano 12 speed setup on a Ripley V2 - Non-boost
    Hi, I was wandering if anyone is running either versions (Eagle,Shimano) 12 speed setups on a Ripley LS V2 non-boost. I had one before and had a blast riding it and am considering pulling the trigger on another one and it is non-boost. ! x 11 will work fine, it would be great if I could swing a 12 speed setup.

  • 06-20-2019
    Found out that there are micro spline adapters from Shimano & DT Swiss, that takes care of that. Next concern is with the chain line and if the Q-Factor of non-boost is an issue.
  • 06-21-2019
    Running XX1 Eagle on a V2 Ripley OG (non-boost) and it works great!