Anyone rides ripley v4 with mcleod?-
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    Anyone rides ripley v4 with mcleod?

    Wandering if anyone using mcleod is experiencing similar issues. cross posting from mcleod thread, as there seem to be no help from that direction.

    "I think there is something going on with my mcleod. Best way to describe it is that it feels like geting hang on the rocks or roots on downhills, while before it would absorb them. The action feels normal when i just sit and bounce on the bike, feels fine like it did before, but during ride it somehow feels off. All my settings and pressure did not change. Any idea?

    as suggested i did neg chamber reset and it did indeed fixed the issue. however already after i was finishing first ride after fix, i already started feeling that it is returning to the state where it hangs up on the rocks. second ride was basically as it felt before neg chamber reset. so seems like something going on with neg chamber? any idea? the shock is pretty much new, just 2 months of riding on it. i did reset neg chamber the day i got it, and lubed everything. it was fine for over month before the issue started.


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    I'm running a McLeod on my Ripley, and on my old Smuggler. No issues like that. It sounds like you need to pull the air can again and look very closely at all the air seals. Try another clean and lube, and/or replace the seals. Or send it back for warranty.

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    i basically have to pull neg chamber after every ride to reset it. i do new lube every time i do it, dont see any damage to the seals. i reached out to manitou, so will see what they say. it worked like a charm for about a month, now after each ride or 2 after reset, it feels off, cant carry speed through chunk as it gets hung on everything.

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    I've been riding with a McLeod on my Ripmo for the past couple of months. Other than a little stiction at the beginning, it has been really good. Better than the DPX2 that it came with, IMHO.
    My name is Chris and I ride a Ripmo now.

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