Wishful thinking perhaps, but...

1) Probably meaningless, but a while back Ibis told me they could "neither confirm nor deny" if a bigger hitting 29er was coming. Yes, Ripmo V2 is slightly more burly, but I said along the lines of a HD5 29er which the V2 is still a bit off.

2) The pinkbike article says the following:
"Side note: I'd love to see Ibis come out with a full-on big mountain beast. A big-wheeled HD5 if you will, ideally with even more travel and a longer wheelbase. The Ripmost? I don't know. I think there's room in the lineup for a bike park smasher like that. Ibis has the bases well covered with their current lineup, and the Ripmo is extremely versatile, but just like a ski quiver, it's nice to have that pair of extra-fat powder boards for those special occasions."
Often when they say things like this it becomes a reality, like the carbon stumpy evo references in the alloy review.

3) Very flakey, but someone referred to 4 new Ibis bikes in the new Ripmo rumours thread. 1 is here now in the v2, my betting money is on a Ripley AF for the 2nd. Possible Eeb the 3rd? My dream ibis 4th?

I want to frame out my Ripmo V1 for a V2 - the head angle, reach, and progression are all good steps forward on a bike I already love. But man would I be kicking myself if I got one only to have them drop something with 10mm more travel front and rear some time later in the year.