• 07-09-2011
    About Limbo Chips, Lopes Link and Lower Link!!

    When you purchase an Ibis Mojo Hd can be possible to choose the color of this parts???

    And what is the benefits or improvements that provide this parts??

    Thanks a lot!!
  • 07-09-2011
    Yes, you can chose the colour of the links (black, blue or red).
    Limbo chips with 7.875 x 2.0 shock for 140mm travel or obmil chips with 8.5 x 2.5 shock for 160mm travel.
    None of those parts are an improvement on the HD as it has its original parts, with no upgraded parts available for it. The Lopes link is on the original Mojo and the Mojo SL. It was available as an upgrade for older Mojo's but now comes as standard.
    Have you looked on the Ibis website?

    Hope this helps anyway, DF.