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    650b Pike with 26" wheels, or 26" Pike with 650b Wheels?

    So my beloved Vit P HD got stolen at the end of last season and it's time to build up an HDR to replace it. I'm looking to start it off as a 26er, but plan long term to try to go back and forth both 26" and 650 for different days.

    I'd like to be able to switch just the shock and wheels when I go
    between sizes (most notably, I don't want to buy two forks). I'm
    mostly interested in the Pike, I rode a buddies the other day and holy
    crap it was sweet.

    So my question is: If I am getting one fork that I plan to use for both
    650 and 26 on the HDR should I get the 26" Pike and squeeze in a
    (smaller?) 650 tire on 650 days, or should I get the 650b Pike and deal
    with the slightly longer a2c on 26 days?

    What is the best compromise? Maybe one important note: I ran a -1*
    angleset on my HD and plan to do the same on the new HDR. I think
    that made a big difference (for the better!) on my HD with 160 Lyrik.

    I tried to search for posts about how 650b tires fit in the 26" pike but
    I keep coming up with posts about the actual 650b Pike... if anybody
    knows of a thread on 650b tire fit in the 26" pike let me know. Maybe
    the 26er Pike doesn't even fit 650, I have no idea.

    Thanks very much guys, I don't post much but I've gotten a ton of
    great information off this forum over the years, I appreciate it!

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    I wouldn't buy a new frame and then compromise on what tires you can mount on it or on the suspension/geo to fit those different wheels. Also there just isn't enough difference between 650b and 26er wheels/tires to justify the swap unless you are going from 130mm to 160mm travel with the 26er.

    So if you want to stick to one fork stick to one wheel size and optimize the bike for it.

    Because ultimately you end up wanting to ride the bike most of the time in the setup that works really well. Not in the one that's forced to work.
    Safe riding,


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    I have to agree with vikb. If you really want a specific wheel size, then go with it..

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    I'm actually curious on this thread too. My HD desperately needs a new fork. I'll be purchasing a pike at some point in the not so distant future. My plan is to eventually upgrade to an HDR, but that probably won't happen till next winter. I'd like to future proof my purchase a little bit. And it would be nice to run the same fork in both configurations.

    Surely there are some more folks around here who have been on the same line of thinking?

    So far I've found these threads discussing the topic:
    Rockshox Pike 26 vs 650b Singletrack Forum

    A2C is the only big change I see. Looks like it adds about 10mm. 542 --> 552mm

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    If you are making this decision go for the 275 Pike. Same length as the 160 Fox 36 that the bike was designed around so no geo issues and you can run whatever wheels you want. People seem to forget that the HD/R were originally spec'd with 36's and the 34's are 10mm shorter. I agree that there is no reason to swap back and forth though.

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    I was comparing to the xfusion Vengeance, which many folks on this ibis forum have had a lot of love for. The 26"/160mm version of that is 555mm, 3mm longer than the 650 pike. I don't want to do something dumb by getting the 650 pike if it turns out I really do like how it rides with 26" wheels better, but it doesn't seem totally unreasonable that it should be just fine. Then again, I haven't done it so I don't know. All the e-guessing in the world won't tell me as much as actually riding it like that. That's why I was hoping that someone had actually done it.

    On my HD I had a lyrik at 545, 7mm shorter than the pike for 650 would be, and I loved it. I just have no idea if 7mm is actually something you can feel if you are a non pro-supergnar-bikereviewer-stud.

    You guys may very well be right about it not making sense to switch wheel sizes back and forth, but I'll explain my logic (even if it's bad logic):

    I've only got the one bike.
    I've always run 2 wheel sets with my HD anyway, light with lighter tires for more xcish stuff, and beefier wheels with fat tires for DH/fun.

    When my HD got stolen, it took the 'xc-ish' set of wheels and tires with it. So I was thinking of keeping my 'fun' 26" setup that I've still got for DH, and getting a more xc-ish 650b set of wheels and tires for peddly days. So that's how I end up with different wheel sizes.

    Thanks for the input!
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    Get a knolly 26" bike and a ripley.

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    Quote Originally Posted by getupgetdown View Post
    Get a knolly 26" bike and a ripley.
    I swapped bikes with a buddy and rode a chilcotin down about half of The Whole Enchilada last year. I will admit, it was glorious. But his build was heavy as hell, I couldn't have ridden it the way I rode my HD, climbing alot.

    I was hoping to get the 'two bikes out of one' thing.

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