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    185 dropper on Med Ripmo? New bike day

    Hey guys,

    I am ordering a new Ripmo after demoing one the other day. The bike I rode was a med and it had a 160 dropper which was fine.
    I see that I can choose to order a 185. I had a lot of post out of the frame so I think it would fit?
    I currently have a 150 fox and have never ridden a bike with such a long post like the 185.
    Can't tell if I would like it or if its too much or unnecessary to have so much travel?
    I buzzed my butt a few times on the rear tire with the 160 and wonder if having the longer post would cause more of the same?
    I'm 5' 91/2 " with 30 inseam.

    Pros and cons?

    Also anyone running 170 cranks vs the stock 175s? I got a few peddle strikes with 175 and currently run 170s on my enduro so thought I would try that on the Ripmo.

    Ran into some guys running the fork at 170 on their Ripmo's and say the love it. Anyone else running 170 and have feedback on pros and cons on how it makes the bike handle and perform?

    Thanks for any advise you guys can share! Going to order the bike soon.

    So pumped on this bike!!

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    I'm about your size and the 185 is great. No tire buzz at full drop.

    Also like the 170 cranks.

    I do play around with differing headset angles and travel. They all have their place. XC trails I like the stock head angle and fork. Whistler dbl blacks, I like a -1 degree headset and 170 fork.

    It's a great bike.

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    Iím also your size and do get tire to saddle buzz at full drop full bottom out w a 185
    Bike yoke. I need to either get a diff saddle or pay attention to post height on big drops to flat. Check your current max saddle height. Mine is 25 5/8Ē center bb to center saddle rails, if yours is over 26 you should be ok.

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    185 dropper on Med Ripmo? New bike day

    Loving my Ripmo, although it took me a while to get the suspension dialed. Iím also 5í-9 1/2Ē, 30Ē inseam but Iím on a Large with a 60mm stem.

    I run a 185 Revive post and have only had very minor tire buzz on my rear! I absolutely love the 185, especially on the steep stuff that I encountered in France & Switzerland over the summer.

    Initially I built it with a -1 degree Works Components Angleset. I liked the stability it provided but I didnít like how much more I had to work to get down the trails. I felt like it worked my upper body strength to the limit (Iím not a young kid, I race Cat1 Enduro 50+.) I replaced it with a standard headset and Iím riding lines every bit as gnar, and I feel like the bike rides better and feels more balanced.
    Havenít tried a 170 fork, but if Whistler was my normal mountain, Iíd probably give it a try.

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