Parking at the Drop Zone-
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    Parking at the Drop Zone

    Yesterday I cruised Peacock Flats. When my friend and I were loading the bikes after the ride, some guy wearing a skydive Hawaii t-shirt comes over and asks us not to park there anymore. He was kind enough about it so I suggest maybe I park farther away next time down by where he keeps the two old beat up vans, and he replies No. It is for their customers only. I said well I have been a customer of yours before (Great Fun!) and isnít this state land anyway? He insisted that he pays for all of it. (I doubt it, but may be wrong)
    My truck has been broken into along that road so for many moons (ten years?) now have either parked at Erdman or at the Drop Zone. Erdman only if I am going down Waianae side.
    Anyone know if he is right? Screw dough boy, park and see if any customer only parking signs get installed, maybe park at the other end? Thats where I am leaning.
    We should place bets on when the next rock fall occurs on that single track.
    See you folks on the 30th!

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    Try parking at the opposite end of the runway. There's a parking lot across the trailhead to Kealia on the Erdman-side of the hangars. We used to park by Skydive Hawaii and, while nobody ever gave us grief, parking at the other end is better because: 1. nobody gives us grief there either; 2. the control-tower is right there (for added security); 3. there's a bathroom right at that end of the hangars; 4. it's pretty cool to look down at your car before bombing Kealia. Quit jinxing Kealia! A rock-slide there would suck; it'd mean one less trail to ride!

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