Sonix Frame Question-
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    Sonix Frame Question

    Hope I'm not repeating what another has already asked...

    I've been looking at the Sonix and Sonix LT geometry. Is there any real difference in the frames? The geometry seems to be the same, if you account for the extra travel on the LT. Has there been any extra gussetting? Could one put a 120mm fork on a regular Sonix and get the same ride as the LT? Would that void the warranty? What is the warranty regarding max fork travel?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You'll find a lot in this thread too:

    If I remember correctly, the LT has it's geometry corrected for a 130mm fork, and has a larger dieameter top tube to cope with the extra stress from the longerf fork, so my guess would be no, a Sonix with a 130mm fork won't be the same as a Sonix LT.

    But I guess it COULD be that the frame has the same tube lengths and angles. Give it a few hours, and jill will chime in with the correct answer.

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    Yes, Dazed is correct; the frame angles on the Sonix LT have been corrected for a 130mm fork.

    You really don't want to put anything other than a 100mm fork on the standard Sonix frame; it's what the frame was designed around. If you put a taller (longer travel) fork on that bike, you'll raise your BB as well as raising and raking out your front end. So in other words, it won't ride the way it was intended.

    Both the Sonix and Xeon have more fravel in the rear of the bike than in the front for balance purposes; it's technology we borrowed from motocross. Dirt bikes quite often are set up with more sag in the rear because that where your power source and your center of gravity are. Same goes for a bicycle; your center of gravity tends to be over the rear wheel. In addition to that, you have the ability to absorb shock better in your arms than you do in your legs while riding.

    And with regards to warranty, if you run a fork with more travel than 100mm on the Sonix, you do run the risk of voiding your warranty since you will have installed aftermarket equipment on the bike that are outside the intended limitations.

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