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    Shift R3 : 2x10?

    I have a shift R3, the time is coming to replace some of the drivetrain components, such as chainrings, cassette, and chain. I'm considering switching over to a 2x10 set up when i do this.
    Does this make sense?
    I guess i ride between "trail" and "all-mountain", i guess you could say.

    I'm very happy with my bike, the biggest improvement it needs is the drivetrain, which tends to get sloppy and bogged down, wouldn't mind a simpler set-up.

    Any other recommendations?

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    Hi Rooney, I use a 2x9 setup. I ride on trails most of the time so I rarely used the large chain ring in my old 3x9 setup.

    My front is a Shimano LX crank with the large (42t) chain ring replaced by a bash guard and the mid chain ring replaced with a ramped 36 tooth. My small chain ring is stock 22t.

    My rear 9 speed cogs was augmented with a 36 tooth large cog, my smallest cog is 11. I use an 9 speed Shimano SLX rear deraileur which offers the shift range to cover the 36t rear cog. The replacement 36t front chainring gives me enough speed on the road. Since this setup was home made, it might be hard to get the parts to duplicate. If you are replacing your whole drivetrain, I think a 2x10 setup with 22, 36 front chainrings and 11 to 36 rear cogs is closest to my setup. I stuck it out with 9 speed because of cost reasons and also the stronger 9 speed chains (so I read, not sure if true).

    If you ride on roads and like to spin hard even on downhills, then a 3x10 would be best, otherwise the 2x10 or 2x9 is simpler and provides more ground clearance due to the smaller chainring. The new 1x11 from Sram looks even simpler but is too expensive for me and may require new rear hubs as well.
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