• 08-21-2007
    Gravity Assist
    Haro 357 with Fox 40, ATTENTION!!!
    Greetings everyone!

    I run a Fox 40 on my 357, and its quite possibly the single greatest upgrade for this bike with one problem: the 40mm stantions have dented the sides of my frame!

    By mistake, I did this on my previous frame. I was pretty upset about it and cried like a 6 year old little girl and blamed it on Haro. Despite all of my complaints Jill was nice enough to warrenty me with a new frame. And I did it AGAIN!!! Only its not haro, its me or rather its the Fox 40; I have yet to find out why while everyone else has faily large rubber stoppers on their triple crowns with only 32mm and 34mm stantions, Fox desides to run these tiny little rubber bands on each of those massive tubes, and expect them to not damage anything. I've heard about it though quite a few other people with other bikes, but I'm extremely pissed about this. the solution, ( although its a little too late) is to get an exercise matt, cut a strip if it 3 inches in width, cut it in half yet again, and zip tie both of the peaces to the top parts of the stantions...

    Hope this at least reaches someone before its too late...