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    Chain Guide Help...

    Okay, so I'm completing my '06 Haro Werx7/SP180 build. I've got the bike complete, except for one thing:

    Blackspire Stinger Chainguide.

    I ordered this through Bluesky Cycling online, and after a real quick mistake that they made, (they sent me a Hydro Line for brakes instead of the Stinger), I receive the correct item in the mail.

    Here's my issue: it doesn't fit. I purchase the one with the ISCG mounts, but for some reason, it's WAY to small to actually bolt up to the ISCG's.

    So, I go online to Blackspire, and lo-and-behold, there are TWO versions of the Stinger w/ ISCG mounts. They claim one to be w/ ISCG mounts, and the other to be w/ ISCG '05 mounts.

    Which one is the bigger one? (I need the bigger of the two, and if the bigger one is the "regular" ISCG mounts, then it was a mistake again in shipping from BlueSky . If not, I ordered the incorrect one from them, and I'll have to see if they'll hook me up on a swap.

    Can someone help me out and tell me which ISCG mounts are on my '06 WERX 7?


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    Nevermind, I see now that based on what they're showing on the Blackspire website, we need the "ISCG '05" set-up.

    Bluesky doesn't carry the '05 version, so I'll have to look up someone else that does. Man, that's what I get for not researching prior to paying...

    Oh well. For further reference:

    Anyone w/ a Werx 7 or X7: Your ISCG mounts are the '05 version, (at least if you're riding an '06... )

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