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    what kind of riding are u doing with ur force?

    Given this bike is so versatile yet unique with its steep head angle (more xc oriented) but long travel (more trail/am) what kind of riding do u do with yours? I ride east coast rooty, rocky terrain with some hardpacked stretches. I like to hit rockgardens at speed, do waist high wooden jumps, 3ft drops to flat. I ride skinnys and small teeter tooters but race endurance races with it also. In short, bike does everuthing but mostly on the fun, manual out of turns and small roots side, rather than pure xc performance. I have mine set up with crossmax st wheels as I ride hard but am not a big hucker. Love the bike and find it to be perfect for the xc rider that wants to trailride aggressively. Would love to hear what ur doing with ur force
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    I have a Force Carbon Pro. I have ridden the bike at Highland , Diablo , Blue mountain, Stewart , and a bunch of other places. this is the most fun bike I have ever owned. It handles everything,my set up... Small Force Carbon Pro frame, Fox DHX 5.0 Air, Fox 36 fork, xo drive train, avid brakes ,FSA carbon cranks( Dual ring), Answer carbon bars, Carbon railed seat, THE carbon post, WTB hoops laced to Formula hubs. .

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    When I go out of town I take my Force with me. I've been to Slickrock, Moab, Fruita, Co., and DH trails at Trestle park in Winterpark Colorado. It's my do it all bike. It is 7 lbs heavier than my Marathon Team but I don't have to pick a line to go through with it. Climbs are tougher but worth it on the downhills. No doubt it is my favorite bike.
    Still loving my GT's!! find me on the "GT Bike Group" page on FB. I hardly ever hang out in here anymore.

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    My Force is an 09 2.0 with lots of upgrades!It really handles all the trails around So. Cal. really well.Most of the riding around consists of lots of single track with afew 2-3 ft drops.I feel like I haven't really pushed it to it's full potential.Its a really solid bike that does everything really well and can be lightened with few upgrades to make it a more efficient climber with longer travel than a xc rig !!

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