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    Need your advice before I buy a GT !

    I need your advice before I buy my new bike.
    I recently sold my Gt Agressor 1.0 26 2015 and have a small budget. As all people, I want to feel a big upgrade in the suspension and gears department.

    I am 5' 7" and 165 lbs. I do mostly trail rideing and occassionaly some enduro or corss country. I do never race. I also like to see good craftmanship or atention to detail. I mean, I like things well done.

    My bike was a 26, I dont like much the 29ers, and I would feel more at home with a 27.5, BUT the thing is that I am between buying on of these two bikes:

    1- GT Karakoram sport "29" 2018
    2- GT Sensor 3.0 "26" 2012

    These are the links to the adds.

    And this is the bike I had:

    What would you do?

    I love the fact of finally having a Gt Sensor but is a 2012...

    Dont forget that I owned an Agressor and I never tried other bike.

    Thanks for your time!


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    Hey Christian,

    I'm Yuri and I ride for the GT Coalition and actually have experience on the bikes you list, so I'll see if I can help you out. Good job listing your riding style.

    My vote is on the GT Sensor you list because it does an excellent job:
    1. Fantastic climbing traction uphill, even in loose sandy conditions.
    2. Easy bike to maintain, it uses 1 1/8" headset bearings as pivot bearings, so there aren't really special pivot parts or tools you need to maintain it.
    3. It's a very good descender.
    4. Some of the parts on your current 26" wheeled bike can be used as spares for the Sensor.
    5. It's a pretty good parts spec with the fork and rear shock.

    There might be some downsides for owning the Sensor:
    1. Require more maintenance because of the all the parts used to move the rear swingarm.
    2. You have a rear shock you have to maintain (as opposed to the hardtail where there's no rear shock).
    3. That bike is dated with 26" wheels, a straight steerer tube on the fork and quick release wheels. Parts, depending on how distribution is set up in your country, may be more challenging to get than on the Karakoram you mention.

    The Karakoram will more or less feel like a similar bike with bigger wheels to what you are currently riding.

    I'll try and do a bike review of my GT Sensor (it's the 29'er version but very similar) on my YouTube channel for you in the next few days so you can see how this bike is set up:

    Also, the GT's Verb in the 27.5 is pretty much a 26" GT Sensor in that they use the same iDrive iteration.

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    Hi Yuri ! Thank you very much for your advice. I will keep you informed at how this goes.
    By the way, I have already subscribed to your youtube channel.

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    No problem. If you have Facebook and have any other GT related questions, I'd recommend joining this GT group on Facebook:

    I'll have a video up of my GT Sensor 9r in the next few days.

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