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    Wink I 'accidentally' bought a GTW

    The bike is a 2012 Avalanche 2.0. Is there any real difference between this and a normal GT other than size?

    I went to all my local bike shops and the bikes were uncomfortably tall. I then saw this one on craigslist and when I went to look at it I was excited that I found a bike that felt right compared to all the other ones.

    After making sure everything appeared to be working properly I bought it without paying attention to the graphics on it.

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    A picture of a link to the bike?
    Do you mean it's a GTW by that its a GT Womens bike, or GTW being something that isn't a GT but some knock off?
    All the gear and no idea.

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    Probably the women's version.

    RockShox XC 28 TK suspension fork features 100mm of travel along with TurnKey lockout and easy rebound adjustment; a softer spring is tuned for women

    Maybe has a female specific saddle, though it doesn't mention it. So OP, should be ok depending on your weight.

    Here's a thread about swapping out the spring, if you can still find one:
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    Remember, there's always quilting and knitting if pedalling becomes too tough.

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    Perfect! The guy I bought it from built it up as a street cruiser, and I had planned on getting new front forks and a saddle. If the only difference other than those two things is a sticker and some flowers I'm okay with that.

    I 'accidentally' bought a GTW-gtw.jpg

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    Go the full hog and get a sex change, cheaper than a new bike probably too and you'll get some tits to play with if you get bored.

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