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    FYI: Canyon Endurace can fit 700x35's on 20mm wide rims

    So on Canyon's site they "officially" support that the endurace can fit 700x30's. If you actually email them and ask they say that it will actually fit 700x32's. I had some 700x32's on there last week with plenty of room, so I googled looking to see if anyone was running 700x35's on the endurace. I couldn't find any matches so I bit the bullet and bought some 700x35 gravel king sb. The endurace fits these no problems at all. I actually think I could "maybe" fit 38's. However 35's are plenty good for the gravel here in TX. This is on 20mm inner diameter rims (stans iron crest).

    I am loving this bike as I use it for my road bike and wanted to also carry my road fit and feel to the gravel. This bike does it all. It's fine in crits, road races, and gravel. I am seriously tempted to even give it a spin in some cross races this fall

    FYI: Canyon Endurace can fit 700x35's on 20mm wide rims-img_20180809_162855.jpgFYI: Canyon Endurace can fit 700x35's on 20mm wide rims-img_20180809_165331.jpgFYI: Canyon Endurace can fit 700x35's on 20mm wide rims-img_20180809_165346.jpgFYI: Canyon Endurace can fit 700x35's on 20mm wide rims-img_20180809_165437.jpg

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    Nice of you to post that, now she needs to be in the gravel pic thread..

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    Mud clearance? Toe overlap?

    FYI the 38s measure 40mm on 20mm ID rims. (And on the side of the tyre they're labeled 700x38c 622-40)

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    Thanks for posting. This is a question that has been on my mind, as I am definitely considering purchasing an Endurace as something that can handle moderate gravel, but the effective maximum tire width is something that has been bothering me.

    The rear clearance towards the seattube looks OK in your photo, but the lateral clearances at the chainstays look pretty tight with the 35s - it wouldn't take much mud to build up there. Perhaps wider gravel tires on some 650B wheels might take advantage of the greater chainstay width as you move away from the seattube.

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    So yeah mud clearance is not an issue for me as I live in TX and typically we don't ride in the mud. Not because we are like gremlins and don't like water, but because lots of our gravel roads are clay. Clay and water = No riding even if you had 100mm of clearance. Also, the areas that are not clay, the mud shedding is really not something I'd worry about. It has enough to clear, and I have a lot more room than I thought I would have. I seriously think I could fit 38's on there. If I did, yes there would be 0 room for anything and it would probably rub the moment I got on the power or any torque. However these 35's on 20mm ID rims are money. I am pretty pumped as the dirt/gravel/Levee's i'll ride will be just fine on these 35's. I was previously riding gravel races with 32's on my CX bike so I will have an even better ride on this bike with 35s.

    I know it's not a gravel bike, but that's kind of the point of this post. It totally can be and what I am the most pumped about is being able to keep my exact road position for gravel as I have setup for road. Truly one bike to do it all.

    There is plenty of lateral clearance btw.. It's hard to tell from the pics because of the angle of the photo with the phone. I can't squeeze the phone that close to the seat tube.

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