Stages power meter cut power reading data by 80% on same ride. Huh?-
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    No good Stages power meter cut power reading data by 80% on same ride. Huh?

    I have done the same ride with avg power around 180W for 3 months. Suddenly, on the same ride that I always do, the Stages meter is reading avg power at 52W. Overall, the power graph is lower over the entire ride. It just looks shifted down in value. I have not lost weight. The bike nor anything else has changed. I calibrated the power meter then changed the battery. It still reads lower numbers. When calibrated the zero offset number is always 1023 or 1024. The stages website states it should be between 800 and 900. Anyone have any advice? Other than, I should have not purchased a Stages power meter.....ha ha. It was super cheap ($330) from an authorized seller, new. Feeling $330 of regret....

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    Other PMs go out of wack too. Call/email Stages and maybe send it in for repair. Is it still under warranty?

    Any chance water got in it? There was a period of time when Stages had an issue with that and they sent out improved covers. You might open it up, leave it in a warm place to dry out and see what happens.
    What, me worry?

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    Yes, it is only 3 months old. So, it should be under warranty. I will look under the battery cover for moisture. I just sent in a support ticket with Stages. Thanks, Lone Rager.

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