I bought a Sigma Rox 11 bike computer/GPS in fall of 2017.
About a month later I sent it in for warranty due to some issue w/ the USB port. It wouldnít take a charge unless there was some weird angle on the plugged in wire.

I sent it back in. A new unit was sent back to me.
About a month ago Iím back in the same boat. Sure, itís been perhaps 20 months of use but- this thing is not plugged in often. Certainly not like a phone w/ a USB Micro port would experience.
Maybe Iíve abused it? Seems possible, but unlikely. I take it off the bike, open itís rubber port, then plug it in while it sits on the desk.
Not like itís plugged in while in a backpack/coat or something that would torque on the plug.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Sure, there are other options out there. My next will likely be a Garmin but each season finds more complicated units that take up more space and have less battery life.

Your thoughts?