So, I rolled the dice on a Sigma 2209. I've been using the Runtastic app with my iPhone, but the battery life was about 2 1/2 hours with music and the accuracy isn't very good. I wanted a heart rate monitor also, but figure that would just kill the iPhone battery faster and my rides are only getting longer.

I had some REI gift cards, so, my pool of candidates was limited to their stock. I have labored over what to get for months. The benefits of GPS just didn't seem to justify the cost in my mind.

I like the fact that the 2209 has wireless: speed, cadence, altitude and heart rate. Setup was quick and easy. Will take it out to do some distance testing and calibration tomorrow.

There's a lot of functionality in this computer. Good display, lightweight and buttons are easy to press - even with winter gloves on. I've got high hopes!