So it seems that Samsung doesn't want to play nice with their S-Health app, and it doesn't integrate well (or at all) with other apps and there is no export feature to allow manual export of the data.
I was almost at the point of getting either an S3 smartwatch or the Gear2 Pro fitness band, but having just completed a ride using S-Health instead of strava, it seems that the convoluted way to get the data to strava is a one-time shot, if it fails (which mine did) then it will not retry. I'm not willing to go through this every time I exercise, but want to keep track of my calorie burn with a health app of some kind.

With that in mind, what is the best fitness tracker/app combination that supports Android and the following features:
1) Sleep tracking
2) Heart rate monitoring
3) Tracking of multiple activities, not just running/biking
4) Step counter
5) GPS route tracking that actually works for MTBing - I.E. not sampling every 10 seconds, I'd like something that samples every 1 or 2 seconds if possible
4) The health app needs to cater for calorie count/diet etc

I'd really like all of this to be seamless if possible - so not exporting and uploading rides/runs etc from one to the other but if that's the only way I'm ok with it.

What are you all using for health monitoring app and fitness trackers?