Rechargeable batteries that will keep my Oregon's screen bright?-
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    New question here. Rechargeable batteries that will keep my Oregon's screen bright?

    I have some "Powerizer" 2600mAh rechargeable NiMH batteries I use in my Garmin Oregon 450t. I often get a message saying that the battery power is too low to run the screen at full brightness despite the fact that the batteries are freshly charged and even the GPS unit considers them to have a full or nearly full charge. This seems odd to me. I have set the screen to dim after a number of seconds without input, but this issue is different and is accompanied by a full-screen warning about the battery power. The message says to use rechargeable NiMH or Lithium batteries to avoid this limitation. Well, I have rechargeable NiMH batteries in the unit. Any batteries out there that kick butt in these GPSs? TIA.

    BTW- I love the ability to drop KMZ files straight into the GPS with my custom maps or satellite photos. Very cool, very easy.

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    I've tried a few types of batteries in mine. At first, I used regular alkalines because it's what I had on hand. Right now, I'm using the Energizer Ultimate Lithiums.

    I got those warnings with the alkalines as the batteries ran low. I'd get a number of hours of use before the warnings came up. Now with the lithiums, I've been running for quite a bit longer without any warnings. I figured as much, but that's a pretty expensive solution.

    I intend to try out some Sanyo eneloops. I keep hearing very good things about them, and that they avoid many of the shortcomings of regular NiMH cells.

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    In the settings menu switch the battery type to Ni-mh. If you have it set for Alkaline the screen will dim when battery level reaches a certain point. As long as you have it set to Ni-mh the screen will stay bright until the batteries' bitter end, even if you are using alkalines.

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    Hopefully, future firmware/software updates will eliminate the warning messages/device actions when they are not appropriate. I had this problem when using alkalines, or NiMH's with the battery setting incorrectly set to "alkaline".

    Maximizing your battery life is not all about the quality/power of the NiMH batteries you use, but is also affected by how you initially and subsequently charge them.

    I've had good luck with a MH-C9000 WizardOne Charger-Analyzer and PowerX 2700 mAh batteries.

    The Charger will do 16 hour charge/decharge cycles to break in a new battery. Additionally, you can charge at slower (programmable) rates to maximize the effectiveness of the charge. A battery can be discharged before begining a new charge. Both products are available on eBay for less than MSRP.
    On the subject of batteries; I've seen it recommended to install your batteries in your Garmin device positive end first to avoid the "snap" force to being transferred to the positive terminal. Over time it has the tendency to metal fatigue the positive strip causing it to break. By installing the positive end first, (most of) the snap force is transferred to the rear terminal.
    The importance of this is probably increased by the power-hungry Oregon that will require removing and reinstalling the batteries many more times (compared to other GPS's I've owned) over its lifetime.
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    All super info. Thanks gents. You were correct that I had the battery type incorrectly set as I had been using lithium batteries this summer and then switched to NiMH and didn't change the type in the settings. I totally spaced that it was an option.

    Thanks again.

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