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    Re-upload Trailforks ridelog?

    I have a weird Trailforks problem. Today's ridelog on shows me starting my ride 2 miles further down the trail than I actually did. When I go back and look at the ride summary it shows the correct time and distance. Here's a screenshot showing the problem... I actually started and ended in the same place. The summary has the correct stats, the ridelog is wrong. I tried to figure out if I could re-upload the ride but there are no instructions for this on their website. Does anyone know if this is possible?
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    You're probably best off reaching out to TF support folks on this one. This is most likely due to something weird going on behind the scenes.

    I've had all kinds of weirdness with my data show up on various rides. Some of it has been related to errors in the raw GPS data and how a particular website parses that data (and handles errors or not). Some files, I could upload to different websites, and see wildly different results. One device I had does NOT play nice with RideWithGPS. For some reason, my distances would be DOUBLED on that site. It was somehow related to errors in the GPS file and how RWGPS handled them, but never could get it fixed. Strava seems to have a more robust error-handling procedure than most, and when it detects one, it basically strips the file of nearly everything and rewrites it. That created other problems (like the loss of perfectly good wheel sensor data that improved distance accuracy).

    So for figuring out this one, I think TF is the only place you're likely to get an answer.

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