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    PC Connectivity Issues

    Anyone else having an issue with their Garmin GPS unit not being detected by a PC? Seems like it may be a Windows update that is messing things up. (Running Windows10 64 bit)

    I have two Edge705 units. Everything was perfectly fine on Friday. Then after Saturday's ride the device wouldn't register on the PC. It powers up when plugged in, displays the USB icon for a while, then reverts to the battery symbol. I tried multiple USB ports, connecting directly to the PC, multiple USB cables and get the same result on both GPS units. However, when I plug them into my laptop, all is well.

    Any clues as to what I can check on my main PC to see what's causing the glitch?
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    Swap the cables to eliminate that possibility. Uninstall and reinstall any garmin software?

    I don't use WIN10, but is uninstalling and then rebooting/ re-detecting/re-installing the drivers for a USB port still a thing?
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    This is probably something specific to the older models, like your Edge 705. There are two Edge 520's in my household and I also have some older models floating around (Oregon 450, Forerunner 310xt, and even a Forerunner 205 possibly).

    I can't find the old Forerunner 205 right now, and the old Forerunner 310xt connects to the pc via ANT+ (which is shit). But I just plugged in my Oregon 450t and even installed an update that it needed and it's fine (btw, I also am running W10 64 bit).

    Probably wouldn't hurt to do a hard reset on the Edge 705(s) that are having connectivity trouble. When was the last time either device got an update? My Oregon 450 was retired years ago, and still gets periodic updates.

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    It's been about 4 years since I lost my 705 out on a trail somewhere. Over the years of I collected bits of information that could possibly be useful. Here's some. I do not vouch for it.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++

    Check post #2:

    And then there's this:

    PC can’t see 705

    1. After connecting the EDGE to the PC it could not be seen, neither the drives nor the device
    2. No activities could be uploaded to the PC because no device was found
    3. Device itself did not show neither flash memory with maps/routes nor SD card content

    1. Connect your cable to the device with the small USB but don't connect it with your PC yet
    2. Push the device' joystick UP and (holding it on) plug the standard USB to the PC
    3. You will see the drives appearing to your "My computer". Now there is a connection between your PC and the drives (device is not recognized, PC sees it as a standard memory)
    4. Note…might need to keep holding the stick up….
    5. Format (I did not use the quick format but the classic one that take almost 1 hour time) the device flash memory, but not the SD Card
    6. After that, the PC recognized the device, however I had to reinstall the map from MapSource.. all the saved routes were lost but at least I had my device back
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    UPDATE: So, it appears my PC re-assigned USB ports or the like. When I plug either unit into a USB port in the rear of the tower, all works fine. Front USB ports were only charging the device, not allowing data transfer although I had been using my front USB ports for years w/o issue. Then, almost as soon as I figured this out, the ports swapped back & now I can use the front USB ports again. The second swap was probably due to some cable decluttering, unplugging & cycling power on a separate USB hub. Whatevs.
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