Excuse me, I am an idiot. Trying to figure-out how to use my new GPS.

I'm trying to create a route that I can follow on my GPS. Here's what I did:

- Created a route on mapmyride.com
- Exported the route in three different formats (gpx, tcx, crs)
- Launched MapSource to open the file and send to GPS

The only file Mapsource would open is the gpx file. Would not open crs or tcx.

I sent the gpx file to the GPS. However it shows-up on the GPS as a "track" and not a "route". Is a gpx file always going to be a "track"? Is the crs file a "route"? I think I need a "route" in order to navigate. I can only back-track a "track"

Can I load stright from my desktop file to the GPS, or do I have to go through MapSource.

How can I upload a "route"?

I'm sure I'm making this way too hard. It's a gift of mine.....

Geez Louise....