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    Listen! Looking for an entry cycling computer...

    I've looked around at performance bike and rei, as well as a few other places, and sifted through tons of reviews online. It seems every product I'm looking at has mixed reviews, so I figure a thread is in order!

    I'm talking entry level, price range shouldn't be over 80bux (poor college kid, can you relate? haha) but I wouldn't mind spending a tad more if it was worth it.

    I'd just like a just a basic trip odometer for mileage, measure speed, etc. Something that will last through a crash here and there would be nice! I'd like something that can measure calories burned, but those seem to be along with elevation/gps devices for the most part.

    Any questions to narrow my search down? Are there brands to stay away from and brands that people are drawn too?

    Also verizon wireless has an application similar to the iphone one, but it's 6 dollars a month and might work terribly. Thoughts?

    I'm all over the board here folks, any help is appreciated

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    i've got 2 bikes and run inexpensive cycle computers on both... both have cadance as thats a feature I like to have.

    $10 with cadance even has back light feature... using it and i'm pretty happy with it... cadance feature is a separate removable cable which is nice IMHO... just wish it had a stop watch feature... and if i'm not careful i've been known to reset it while leaning over the bars (fat belly sitting on the button)... also easy to double click buttons while ridding in the rough.

    $17 with cadance another cheap computer... buttons are on the side so i don't have the button problems of the other unit... has all the features I care about... the speed and cadance sensor are on one wire and sensors both sit on the rear chain stays... makes running the wires cleanly a challenge but they aren't sitting on the fork... also allows you to use a trainer and still get speed feedback... also does calories burned but doubt it's that accurate.

    could also get one from walmart that should do what you want for about the same price...
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