live tacking and Wahoo GPS's help-
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    live tacking and Wahoo GPS's help

    All. Thanks in advance for any help on this. I am looking for a bit of feedback. My son has the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. I am looking to see if I can live track his rides/races WITHOUT him having to have his phone in a pocket and linked via bluetooth. He sent me the link the other night and he was really close to his phone at a team workout. As soon as they left the parking lot though, it seamed to stop tracking. I was not using a wahoo app to do this, I was using the link that was texted to me from his app on his phone.

    I am told the Garmin can do this without a phone link present.

    I am trying to calm an anxious non mtb momma some!!

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    I believe they both have to have a phone present in order for live track to work.

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    They all need the phone present. Wahoo GPSes and Garmin GPSes* (* more on this later) are both receiving devices. Their transmit capability is limited to the range of Bluetooth or (maybe) wifi, neither of which is very far. The phone serves as the link to the wider world for live tracking functionality.

    *Garmin as a brand offers a LOT of different computers. Some time ago, Garmin bought a company called Delorme, which made a line of satellite-based tracking devices they called the InReach that not only received GPS signals, but could transmit their location via a different satellite communication network (Iridium, which satellite phones use). When Garmin bought Delorme, they decided to keep the InReach around, so THIS PARTICULAR Garmin device is the only one that can transmit its location without a phone present.

    Anytime cell phone reception is flaky, phone-dependent live tracking will also get flaky. Nature of the beast. I live in a mountainous place where even the city trails are in a cellular reception dead zone. It's a big topographic bowl, and you can only get any kind of signal at all on the top of the rim around the perimeter, and most of the trails are down inside. If you insist on knowing where your son is at every moment while he's riding, even when cellular reception is poor, a satellite based tracker is necessary (Garmin InReach, or Spot). These types of devices require additional subscription fees, depending on exactly which services you want. They're not inexpensive. Alternatively, a true "Personal Locator Beacon" or PLB will ONLY function as an emergency locator device. You purchase the device for a one-time expense, and do not need to pay any additional subscription fees to use them. They use yet another different satellite network than the InReach or Spot devices use. They are also not inexpensive, but the price is all up-front, at least. It does cost to replace the battery on these after several years, as they're not exactly user replaceable.

    Now, if your son's livetracking failed in a place where cell reception SHOULD be reliable, then the failure was likely at the Bluetooth connection between the phone and the Wahoo GPS. Bluetooth connections aren't the most reliable for this sort of thing, so don't be surprised. Depending on where he keeps his phone, it could have simply been too far away, or too obscured. He'll probably need to experiment with where to put the phone to figure out how to keep it connected to his Wahoo. It may not be easily resolved, either.

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    The only devices with LTE connectivity are some of the smart watches.
    A 2nd hand Samsung Gear S3 Frontier with LTE would be the cheapest option if it supports a live track type ability.

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