GPS/Sat unit for 'out of cell range' connectivity-
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    GPS/Sat unit for 'out of cell range' connectivity

    Every once in a while I want to ride a little higher and a little further and often it happens to be on my own. I don't want to spend a ton but would feel more comfortable with a gps/sat device with me if needed. Any suggestions? Garmin inreach mini looks like a very logical direction...?

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    The question is really what you want the device to do for you.

    Do you actually want 2 way text communication? Do you just want to call out in an emergency? Do you want a self-contained device, or one that pairs with your phone?

    Personally, I've been thinking about an InReach for awhile. Where I live, I really don't have to go very far to lose cell reception. A lot of the frontcountry trails are in deep valleys where reception dies. I generally get reception back at high elevations, but it's really spotty here, and the difference between high elevation (with a signal) and low elevation (without one) is enough to cause problems in an emergency, so it's not always the best idea to go to a higher point to call for help.

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    SPOT could be an idea if you will be out of range for long periods of time.
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    Garmin InReach is on sale for $250 right now. That's $100 off the $350 usual price. You still need the subscription though, month-month or yearly. The subscription, though not usurious, is what's kept me from getting one, at least for my current riding situations.
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    I just picked up the inreach. With the Satellite texting and mapsharing, there really isn't a need to carry my phone, especially when I don't have service in many place. My Family can get in touch with me if needed, they know where I am with mapsharing and if I need help or am running late, I can let them know.

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    If one-way comms is all that's needed, a Spot Tracker will do the job.
    Two-way, InReach Mini seems to be the ticket.

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    Have used a garmin inreach mini for a few years----biking and backpacking. It has worked well and you can use your phone to blue tooth messages to it------but also works w/o the phone. Service is $12 a month---pretty good deal

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    I've been running mini in-reach for about 6 months, it works great. I have set up 3 canned texts for info only (no charges for these) start, mid, and back at truck. It goes to family and I do it every time. Have used it hiking and mtb, and the key is the phone app that goes with it which as stated doesn't need a cell connection to function with it. I thought I'd suspend the service in the cold months but haven't stopped doing those activities (a feature of the auto pay set up, which has a cheaper rate than month-to-month).

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