• 11-17-2019
    Garmin Edge 510 Won't Sync with iPhone 7
    I recently updated the Garmin Connect app (v4.25) on my iPhone 7 (iOS 13.2.2) and now for some reason my Edge 510 will not sync.

    It connects via Bluetooth just fine so that is not the problem and I double checked to make sure I have Auto Upload turned on but still after every activity I get a sync failed message. I tried disconnecting "Forget this Device" in the Settings app on the phone and Garmin Connect and then reconnecting it but that did not solve the issue.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem or have any suggestions for how to fix it?

    Edit: just found this. I'll give it a go and see if it works.

  • 11-17-2019
    same thing since upgrade but with 810, I also have a 530 but have not used yet so not sure if itís still working, likely gonna have to wait for a new update from garmin
  • 11-17-2019
    I have had the same problem with an Edge Explore and an I phone6. It works some times but not all the time.
  • 11-19-2019
    I tried the steps suggested at the link in my OP but that did not solve my problem. I think that was meant for someone who is having trouble getting their device and phone connected via bluetooth.

    However I did notice yesterday that Garmin pushed out yet another app update for iOS Sunday night. I installed that last evening and it appears to have fixed my issue. My ride synced from my 510 to Garmin Connect without any problem last night.

    Now hopefully Garmin won't put out another "update" next week that eff's it up again....