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    Edge 705 - Bike Profiles

    First of all, thanks to all for the excellent help and guidance in the other recent thread I posted.

    I have the 705 now, it's up and running. Did a trainer session with it on the road bike this morning, all went well (once I finally figured out how to pair the cadence & HR sensors).

    So, here's the next question. I'd like to have different sets of data displayed for the road and mountain bikes. I've set up two bike profiles and I believe I understand how to switch from one to the other (holding down the "mode" button). Trouble is, if I change the data field display for, say "bike 1", it changes it for "bike 2" as well.

    Is there not a way to assign different default displays to each bike profile? For instance, I don't have a cadence sensor on my MTB, so I don't need a cadence display (but would like elevation). So on & so forth...


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    I have been just changing the screen before I start. I don't believe Garmin has it set so that you can have 3 different sets of screens depending on which bike profile you choose. I am pretty sure you just change the bike profile for weight/mileage, etc.

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    Add to that the need for another 4 bike profiles and Garmin has a BIG software rewrite to do. But if the users don't let them know, it won't happen.
    1. I want at least 7 profiles
    2. I want the displays to be tied to the bike profile
    3. I want accessories (speed/cadence/powermeter) to be configurable for each profile
    4. Possibilty of different base maps stored for different profiles.

    In other words, GARMIN...give me a profile driven EDGE 705 unit.

    Even with these shortcomings, EDGE 705 is still the best out there.

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