On almost every ride my garmin will not find the HRM. Sometimes I'll wet the pads on the strap, which turns on the monitor and everything is great, but if I forget to do that then it will stop looking for the monitor and when the pads are wet from sweat (10 or some min later) it never finds it since garmin stopped looking for it.

My solution is to stop the ride after about 20 minutes, and as soon as I press save ride, garmin immediately finds the HRM. But this is super annoying since I had to stop the ride and now I have 2 rides. Does anyone else experience this? I wonder if there is some weird setting mine has.

Garmin support has been less than helpful. First they act like they've never heard of this issue when I contact them. Secondly, they are always updating the software yet I have no idea what problem they are fixing with these updates. The software update prompts are annoying because if you accidently select update before a ride you can be waiting minutes before you can use it again. If they were smart and didn't hate their customers they would just update the software when you plug in the charger. But that doesn't even work since they require you to unplug the device to update, which is beyond stupid.