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    Computer Mounting Locations

    I've had my Lezyne computer mounted on my handlebars with the standard mount since I got it. I've always disliked it there because it sticks up pretty high and looks very out of place.

    I almost wish I didn't want a computer but I've had one on every one of my bikes for the last 34 years and can't break the habit.

    I was looking around for different options and saw two I liked; the K-Edge Gravity Cap and the Barfly 4 MTB. I decided on the Gravity Cap because I saw a few reviews that said the Barfly hinge was fragile.

    As soon as I put on the Gravity Cap I knew it was coming off. Because I have a Lezyne computer there is an extra tall mount adapter that needed to be used. It looked worse than the stock handlebar mount.

    I remembered seeing a YouTuber (can't remember who) that mounted his computer on the top tube. I hadn't liked the idea when I saw it but now that I've tried it I really like it. Not as visible as having it on the bars but I don't really care as I don't look at it much. It's mainly for logging.

    I need to order some longer o-rings. For now I have the long stock o-ring attached to a small second o-ring.

    Computer Mounting Locations-vitlier.jpg

    Computer Mounting Locations-vc2esz6.jpg

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    I canít relate to your dislike of over the stem. To me it looks dumb on the top tube, very obvious and ugly at that location.

    As well, itís always a fight to place the device where you can see the screen at a quick glance. Out front is desired as itís the easiest to glance at. On the top tube might as well be in the back pocket, IMO.

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    Yes, out front is the most visible at a glance, but I don't like my computer hanging out there on my mtb. I use that spot on my road bike.

    On one mtb, I use a stem spacer mount similar to k-edge that puts the computer forward of the steerer. I can't say I'm a fan of my computer directly over the steerer tube (and hanging over the back of it). On my other mtb, that spot doesn't work as well, and so I'm just using the standard handlebar mount right next to the stem. Works well on that particular bike.

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