change how often phone takes GPS position-
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    change how often phone takes GPS position

    i use my smartphone to track my activities and i am wandering if there is a way to change how often gps coordinate is taken? when comparing my track with friends, it looks like mine line is much finer, think way more line brakes. my friends track seem to have brakes further apart, like if mine is every second, his is every 3 seconds. is there a way to control this? we both use same app but i cant find any setting. is this dependent on the phone, he has newer phone, and better one as well so i would think his would take gps more often?
    the reason i am asking is, i would like to change the frequency to less for some of my trips (bike packing) to save battery. i am generally fine for day riding as i can get about 8hrs of tracking which is more than fine, but i have been doing quite a bit of overnight trips and a lot of time i am pushing it with battery life.
    or am i wrong assuming that less frequent gps the less battery is used?

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    It depends on a lot of factors. For one, it does depend on the phone. But it does also depend on the app.

    Phone GPS hardware is all over the place. Newer phone does not necessarily mean better GPS performance.

    Also, recording frequency does not really make a very big difference in battery life. GPS reception is almost entirely passive and it doesn't require a whole lot of extra processing from the device to dump another point into memory. The main reason to reduce recording frequency would be to save memory if memory is a concern (for standalone GPS devices with limited memory).

    8hrs of recording with a phone is probably what you should expect. If you want more juice for recording, you should be running a dedicated GPS, or use an auxiliary battery pack for your phone. But even if you're using a dedicated GPS, you'll still run into the wall on battery life and memory capacity, anyway. Alternative use scenario for bikepacking is to avoid recording, keep the phone off unless you absolutely need it, and only spot check your location with a different app.

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    Fewer track points also reduces overall recorded distance as the device might be cutting corners. The more breadcrumbs the closer the track is to what you actually rode. This assumes the track might have a lot of twisty and turns. If it's a route on long straight fire roads or something, won't matter.

    But agree with Harold, either use a dedicated GPS or use an external battery stick or pack in order to get extra run time.

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