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    ASCENT and 60CSx on MAC

    Hi All,
    Been searching to no avail, but wanted to know how to get a track (gpx) uploaded to the 60CSx from the Ascent program.

    I haven't been able to get track info yet as I will get onto a trail today, So I uploaded a file I found on Motionbased for a trail in my area. Ascent shows it, no problem. Now how can I get this particular track into the 60CSx so I can ride it? Do I use the export? If I do it gives a save location on the computer. Great but no good to me since it isn't on the GPS. Do I use "sync gps"? Is this "sync" like an ipod where everything matches on both systems? When I do it nothing really happens except anything I have on the GPS gets uploaded into Ascent. Or is it because it is a demo version I am on and this will rectify after subscribing?

    May sound stupid and basic but can this be done? In another thread 705 users can drag and drop said file into a "courses" folder on the 705 as it shows as a volume and bang, it's there when you go to tracks. However this is not the case with the 60CSx. I cannot see or find it, probably because it isn't meant to be for this model.

    My next step I suppose would be to go route of windows and access Mapsource and the like, if all else fails.

    Thanks for any help in advance for the NOOB.

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    I am having the same issue with the 60 CSX and MAC. The only difference is I want to download files from the GPS to ASCENT, but I can not see the device and "sync" does nothing. I actually had one file from Dec 10, 1969 get loaded into the software...Bizarre!

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