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    Anyone using a SPOT?


    Just wanted to find out if anyone is using a SPOT satellite tracker on their rides, or can recommend any similar devices.

    I am looking at this primarily to give to clients on our self-guided holidays, so they can stay in contact with the support crew, even in areas with zero phone reception. Also it'll give my wife piece of mind on when I go off on solo trips.

    Any experience with or feedback on the SPOT or other satellite trackers greatly appreciated.


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    What kind of resolution are you after? A device like this updates pretty infrequently by typical GPS standards. It's intended more for long, multiday type trips and I think it's more effective at a slower pace than what a bike will typically go.

    If I was going out solo for just a couple of hours, I wouldn't bother. If you'll be out for days, then it might be worth a look.

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    I've used a since they first came out in November 2008. Excellent device, and great peace of mind for solo adventuring. I don't use the tracking feature, but it does provide even more safety, since if you get hurt bad enough that you can't push the 911 button, people will still know to look for you. I think there is a $50 rebate going on right now too!

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    I use one for biking and skiing. I almost always ride/ski alone in areas with no cell phone service. My wife loves it because I can send out a hello and here I am while out. If I get hurt bad enough I have something to use to call for help.

    Great piece of mind!

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    My friend Mike Curiak is riding the Iditarod Trail right now, and I've been tracking him by SPOT:

    I've been developing that tracker as his trip rolls along. I hope to add some more cool info like charts and such. Fun stuff for sure.
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    Take my SPOT with me on every mtb ride and off road motorcycle riding. I do quite a bit of riding on my own. Even with a group, think of how hard it would be to get out or the time involved to have someone go get help. You can buy the insurance and they will life flight you out at minimal cost. Great for peace of mind for me and the family.

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