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    New question here. What fork for a VT

    Got about $700 to burn on bike stuff and I would like to start the spending spree with a new fork. I've been looking at the Minute 1, Vanilla 125 RLC and Psylo SL U-Turn. For the past 2 years I've been running a Psylo SL with no complaints but would l like to get a new one so the current one can be used on my single speed.

    I noticed that when using the Psylo at 125mm the front raises during climbs (I usually ride it at 110mm aprox) and my concern with the Minute will be that 130mm will be to high and 100mm too low, my concern with the Fox is the "clunc" and the higher price.

    What would you recommend? I'm almost sold on the Minute but the higher front end is making me reconsider.

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    Thats funny- I am currently running a Pyslo SL and I am looking at the same forks for an upgrade. I just rechecked the specs on the Minute 1 has travel adjustment is like the Rockshoc- anywhere between 100mm to 130mm and is called Rapid Travel Wind Down.

    Here is what Manitou's web site says:

    Rapid Travel Wind Down

    Featured on Black, Axel and Minute forks.

    A top-mounted travel adjust feature that allows the rider to externally change the fork’s travel without spring rate change. New top mounted travel indicator improves functionality over current systems 30mm of travel adjustment on each fork model.

    For my $$$ I would get the Minute 1

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    minute 1

    yeah, i think the minute 1 would be the way to go, i havn't really heard anything but good things about the minute line of forks and i'm about to get one myself. especially with the rapid travel wind down system that the fork features which you can adjust travel on the fly. Have you guys heard of the new manitou nixon fork thats coming out in september or something? its supposed to be crazy, like new improved spv technology, adjustable from like 3 inches to 6 inches or something? made for the agressive trail rider and it can take some good sized drops too, check it out if you get the chance!

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