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    VT for DS/mtnX? ---sizing help!

    hi all,

    i'm considering a VT for mtnX/DS...need some help with sizing. i'm 6'2"...but i've found that for DS/mtnX and DH, i like my TT length to be 23"-ish. i like riding smaller frames, because i find that they're usually more flickable and the wheelbase tighter.

    i'm split between a 16.5" VT and a 18.5" VT...it would seem to me that 2 inches is alot interms of standover, the TT for the 16.5" is 22.4" whereas the TT for the 18.5" is 23.2"...

    the difference in TT isn't as much. but how accurate is that TT measurement for giants?

    any help would be appreciated.

    if any VT owners out there also have their frame set up for DS/mtnX, i would love to see a pic.

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    I'm 5'8" and ride a 16.5". I went the small way because of the 2" standover height difference.

    I'll say that the 18.5 should fit you the best, too small is no good in my book.

    Why you're considering a VT for 4X or DS? The VT is supposed to be an all around bike and I'm not sure if it can stand all the jumping and manhandling.

    Why not an AC? That's a more rugged bike.

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    VTs are a bit lighter, alittle steeper headtube for quicker steering. ACs are too much bike for mtnX IMO. 5" is just about the limit of travel for mtnX...anything more, and "jumpability" goes downhill

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    i think 18.5" would be the right size for you too, however i don't know how fit the VT would be for that kind of riding.. not sure tho

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    Good job! Love it!

    I use a VT for 4X/DS
    I know Giant doesn't spec it that way, but it's spectacular. I've build in a coil 4way recently (tara llanes style) watch out for your weight or if you're not a smooth rider, the rear may bumb into the piggybag so a 3way is safer. With a coil it handles more direct. It's weight A LOT more and it's somewhat less progressive, but for the type of riding... perfect! I've never had the feeling the frame can't take the beating, but it is the type of bike that needs a smooth rider! O yeah, and the BB is low, but you'll learn to handle it after a while..

    Edit; I'm 5.6" and ride a 18.5" For xc I ride 16.5"
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