Trance2 Did I screw something by using de-greaser-
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    Trance2 Did I screw something by using de-greaser

    I just got the T2 and was eager to clean it after some xc riding. I purchased the finish line citrus de-greaser. Now I think is where I screwed up. I sprayed it (aerosol) right on the rear cogs and the front chainrings, as well as on the chain. All this without taking off the wheels. It did a great job getting all the junk off the chain rings, etc BUT right afterwards I noticed that if I turn the crank backwards, there is some kind of a noise that wasnt there before. My question is, did this degreaser get into the crank where it shouldnt have? Is what I did a big no no? If I did screw something up in the crank, what could it be and what would it take to repair it?

    Thank you very much. I am getting a little paranoid, spent all this money on a bike and I probably just dont know what I am doing yet. I hope I didnt screw anything up to badly.

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    Nah, should be ok...

    It should be okay.

    Take your wheel off and cover your brake caliper and then spray a good lubricant all over your rear mech, especially the jockey wheels and chain then leave to soak in.

    Dont let it get on any part of your brakes as it will contaminate them.

    Never use degreaser on your bike though. It's evil stuff and will destroy seals and bearings. I use it on my chain when things get really mucky but remove your chain and put in a bowl when you want to clean it.

    When you wash your bike just use a slight solution of a good bike wash and then re-lube everything.

    Hope that helps.
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    Using a degreaser shouldn't do anything to your drive-train - once you didn't leave it on there for several hours to overnight - especially if it's a bike specific products like finish line. This being said MagPI is right most of the time you only need some dish detergent, sponge and a few bristle brushes and it's best to remove the chain to clean it properly. My guess is that you degreased and cleaned the drive-train but didn't re-lube it is all that's wrong.
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