Hey Guys,

I have been riding my reign 1 for a while now and I really love the bike. I have owned many other high end bikes and this one blows them away by far. (Ellsworth,SantaCruz,Trek,3Titus bikes,and others) Anyway my problem is I was "professionally" sized by a bike shop and I feel like my frame is 1 size too small. I was wondering if anyone had the opposite problem and would like to trade frames. I would cover all shipping. Unless someone doesn't like theirs I have a couple of Titus Switchblade frames I would be willing to trade for an 18" reign frameset.Mine is a 16". You could probably sell one of these frames and break even or make a little. I really like my bike but the regn may be a little too much bike for some folks.

E-mail me kbkrchck@aol.com
cell# 864 901 2107
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Thanks Tom Schoonveld