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    Tame the rear hub - options for an Anthem 2 (2017)

    I am seriously thinking of pulling the trigger on an Anthem 2.

    I have taken it for a test ride and I know it can be a bit of a joke to ride a bike around a parking lot as it has no grasp to reality compared to a single track with hills, ruts, root, gnarly bits and a good technical line. But what I did find was with the 30t crank, I would over power the rear wheel in any of the larger rear gears on the back hub.

    Now knowing that the 2018 is moving to an 11-46, I think that things would only get worse for me. I gather that the 30t has to go and be exchanged with something larger so that I can get a usable gear range without too much torque when peddling.

    So here is the question. I know I can get an OEM Shimano 34t SLX crank ring. And that might be enough. But they don't make anything any larger. Right now on my old Trek, I replaced the LX front crank setup with a Race Face 104mm Single Chain Ring, Blue, 36T. Would that chain ring fit and work with the SLX crank on the Anthem?

    I am thinking that on my current Trek, I have converted it to a 1x9 with an 11-34 hub in the back and find that 34t is fine with going up hills on this bike. Admit different geometry and smaller wheels, but I can't imagine that a 36t on the front with 32-37-42 would be any harder to peddle.

    So comes the question. What is the bolt pattern for this crank. Will a 104mm fit? or is it a new size exclusive to the new SLX?

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    I can't give you the answer, but I know you wont care when you feel how fast the trail comes at you when pedaling in the smaller cogs. That 30t will offer you bail-out gears when it gets steep and you're tired.
    oops I wasn't clipped in

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    The new XT and SLX M8000 and M7000 cranks use a 96BCD, rectangular (not evenly spaced) bolt pattern.

    U can get aftermarket narrow-wide chainring in 36T from Wolftooth, or run one of the 2x Shimano chainrings which does not have the narrow-wide feature.

    BTW, I run a 28T front, 11-46T rear, and can hit about 25 mph pedalling.

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    Where are you doing most of your riding? I switched to a Wolftooth 32t and have only topped out once on a fairly long gravel downhill. I'm in South Dakota - so gently rolling, nothing too steep for extended time.

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    Thanks for all the help. It looks like the 104 ring that i have won't fit, so I will give the Shimano 34t SLX crank ring a try first. Without giving the bike a proper ride on the trails, it is hard to really know what my needs will be. I just know the current 30t crank ring will make the larger 37 and 42 rear hub gears pretty unusable as even normal peddling with them tends for the front wheel to lift off the ground. Mashing down with it and I can flip myself backwards. Even with my weight over the front of the handlebars I get lift off the front wheel.

    My thought is if this is happening, then those gears turn into useless as I'd never use them for flat riding, and going up a hill, it would be a challenge to distribute the weight so as not to loose contact with the front tire, or just spin out with no traction on the back. I know that was my issues with the granny gear on all previous mountain bikes.

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