Hello everyone I am actually new here and this will be my first post.

I own a 2009 STP 2 that I bought second hand off classifieds for about 350$cad which is a pretty good deal considering I only put new tires on it as the rest is fine.

I have ran it for a season and stopped using it after "crashing" with it and hurting myself in the middle of fall(by the time i recovered it was too cold to ride/snow).

To give you some backround I used to ride a lot before...mostly trails and dirt jumps..but after not riding for over 4 years I just got back into it.. now just riding in the city and commuting to the gym about 5 miles 1 way.

Anyways after messing around I crashed and damaged the bike and broke the rear derailleur along with the selector and also the front derailleur is no longer working correctly and seems to have bent.

I am wondering what is my best option here. Considering these parts are broken and the bike is a 16speed I was wondering what I would need to properly convert it into a 8speed? I would also like to keep in mind that I payed 350$ and would rather not dump too much money into it as that wouldnt make much sense imo.

Let me know what you guys think.


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