reign or heckler-
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    reign or heckler

    I am thinking of buying a new 2008 Giant reign 1 or a santa cruz heckler off the peg spec what do you recommend

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    Well would you like the simplicity of single pivot or maestro suspension. Honestly you should just ride both and get the one that feels the best. I had a similar decision however between the bullit and the reign x. i went with the reign x.

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    The Reign pedals a good bit better than the heckler, it also does not lock up under braking. Both handle very well and are fun to ride, but when things are close I would go with the bike that has superior suspension technology. If you were comparing a Reign with a Nomad it would be more of a toss up, but the Bullit and Heckler just aren't as nice to climb on, or to descend in through the braking bumps

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    Quote Originally Posted by dazle
    I am thinking of buying a new 2008 Giant reign 1 or a santa cruz heckler off the peg spec what do you recommend
    For what kind of riding?
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    the only advantage of the Heckler is

    almost no frame/ pivot maintenance. In all other ways, the Reign is far superior. So, if you don't mind checking a few pivots every now and then, the decision is easy. Also, pivot maintenance on the Reign can be done with regular hand tools- no special pivot tools needed (as on VPP SC bikes). Go for a test ride- you will know...

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    that's my thread!

    I went through the heckler vs reign posting thing on both this forum and the SC one. I owned a heckler at that stage but had the opportunity to get a good deal on a Reign. The heckler is awesome. But... the reign is better in almost every way! Lighter, plusher, way stiffer (the rear end of my heckler was a noodle laterally!) and the suspension - no comparison. Climbing, they both almost don't need stable platform shocks but the key difference is that the reign still responds to bumps while under chain tension whereas the heckler didn't. Descending the Reign is also better, really smooths the trail out - it's like you're floating by comparison. The Heckler takes the big hits but in all honesty, not too much of anything else. The biggest difference tho is that the maestro design seems to roll over square edged bumps without loosing momentum whereas the heckler SP tended to get "hooked up".

    The only thing that i'm still figuring out is that the reign sometimes can have a tendency to blow through all it's travel unless you have the shock settings just right whereas the heckler was a bit less fiddly - just get on and ride. But I had a no brainer DHX5 coil on the heckler as opposed to a pretty crappy RP2 air shock on the reign - a new shock or some fancy valving would probably fix that. Also the reign sizing was not quite right for me, I had a 19" heckler (large i think) which was bang on. The medium reign was going to be too small so i got the large and it's a big bike! So not quite as nimble as the heckler, bit more of a bus! But I guess that means it's stable as!

    Unless you ride in mud all year round and are concerned with bearing maintenance, or think that the SC heckler will make you cool because you're riding a SC, I'd go the reign.

    If it was a decision between a reign and a nomad or Blur LT, it'd be a lot closer.

    Finally, you can't beat Giant for value for money.

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    in reality no one has the answer because the 2008 reigns are all new frames . no one has rode a 2008 yet . from what i can tell from the pics it appears to be a 6 in light weight trail bike . needless to say i want a 2008 giant reign zero .

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