Still pleased with my Reign.

So far I have only had to replace the rear shock bussing and replace the alubushings with a stainless steel reducer. The swing bearings has hold up since I greased them well after reading how bad they were here on mtbr.

This is not the reason I write this though. What I wonder is what rear shocks will fit the Reign I have? The current shock is a Swinger 3-way and I suppose it won't last forever and I'm sceptical I will have it repaird or send it in for service after it breaks. I rather put my money on a new better shock.

However there is limited space in the frame to fit coil shocks so there is only air shocks to choose from and I wonder if anyone knows what will fit and which of them will work properly?

I have seen Manitou and fox shocks on stock bikes but how about Rock Shoxs line of shocks?

Sorry if this is already disscussed in another thread, I did try the search but did not find any clear answers.