Problem With My RockShock Quick Release System Maxle Quick Release-
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    New question here. Problem With My RockShock Quick Release System Maxle Quick Release

    Howdy, there
    2013 Giant XTC 29er (stock)
    I have become unstuck with my beloved bicycle. I Intended to change the carbon disc brake pads and I started my procedure by removing the front tyre.

    The the bicycle has a Rock Shock Suspension kit and a Maxle Quick Release System.

    If you can picture the release system and how it works, the slot that the releasing lever fits into has bent out of shape upon me trying to unlock the quick release. (hope it makes sense). Now I have noway of releasing my front tyre. What should i do? Is their a way to be able to remove quick release.....a specially shaped tool perhaps?

    TLDR How do i Get my tyre off?? And the quick release is broken and i need to change my brake pads making my bicycle unridable

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    Bend it back.
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    The slot on mine is actually broken. For a while, I hadn't fiddled with mine, and one day I left the bike locked in the back of my truck. While it was there, someone fiddled with it, and tried to take the axle or the front wheel, or both, or just wanted to mess something up, and the release was open, and the slot had a big chunk out of the edge you'd turn the handle against to undo the axle. There's still a little bit there, so I can undo the axle but check out this next bit.

    I wanted to take the axle off to make sure nothing else was damaged, but it was just "too tight" to get loose with the slot broken. I thought at first this was due to the person messing with it, but I decided later it wasn't. I don't over tighten stuff, as a rule, so I was wondering what was up. I took a rag, and a pair of channel lock pliers, and carefully was able to remove the axle. The threads of the axle were very, very dry. I put some grease on them, and put it back in after checking to make sure no other part of the axle was damaged. I was able to tighten the axle normally, and then, using what little bit of the slot was left, remove it normally as well. The grease on the threads made all the difference. So, my advice, try removing the axle with pliers, then grease the threads. That should avoid any future problems.

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    Based on what Cotharyus said, I'd spray some Penetrating Oil on the threaded side of the fork leg a handful of times before trying with vice grips, or the like, to unthread the skewer. Then I'd throw that thing right into the trash can and order the new 15mm thru axle design : RockShox SRAM 15mm Front Maxle Lite, Black : Bike Suspension And Accessories : Sports & Outdoors

    It uses a cam-lock, much like the one on Fox forks, to lock the wheel in instead of how much you tighten the threads. With the old skewer, I was having issues tightening it enough so the wheel didn't have play. Ordered the new skewer and everything is fine. It is a much. much better design.

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