Paging James@Giant (again)-
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    New question here. Paging [email protected] (again)

    I'm sure this has come up before, but -- replacement (lighter, longer) seatpost suggestions for 03 Iguana?? I gather technically needs a 30.8; is this strict, or will (as some have suggested) 30.9 (which is really commonly available, thanks to your competition!) work OK (i.e. is there enough slosh room)? I'd like to avoid shims if poss.

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    I can confirm...

    ...that a 30.9 Race Face post fits like a glove no, wait fits like it was extruded from the very Giant seat tube it fits in to. This is on my NRS. It does not need to be forced, just a very precise fit. I've heard the same about Thomson 30.9, but haven't tried one.

    Warranty-wise, I can guess what James' answer might be. You'll also want to concern yourself with the insertion length, shooting for at least an inch below the bottom of the top tube weld and if you can get more, all the better.

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    I just recently installed a 410mm 30.9 Thomson seatpost on my NRS 2 and I can agree with the previous poster. It fits like a glove and it does not require any forcing to get it in. Oh yeah, I have one question: Should I keep the seatpost collar orginally on it or should I get the Seatpost collar with the quick release lever? Any difference between these?
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    seat posts etc

    Thanks to both for the replies; I thought I'd seen this (re 30.9) elsewhere -- just wanted to confirm before I thought about trying it. Just commencing the long, winding upgrade path; love the fit/feel of the frame, and the fact that it (Iguana/Ranier frame) is really just a very slightly heavier/tougher version of xtc. Mine (size 17) came with the 300 mm stock post, which (with Selle Italia) I have to run right at max extension, so I'm looking to dump some weight, improve adjustability and move to 350 mm. I agree re (potential) warranty, but until mfgs. provide more 30.8 options, what can you do? The straight Thompson does come 30.8, but I need setback. Oh well. Cheers.

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