Paging Anthem 2 owners ...-
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    Paging Anthem 2 owners ...

    Next season I plan on getting more into endurance racing and would very much like to get a FS rig. I've been eyeing up the Anthem 2.

    Right now I'm racing with a Rainier. It's fine for the short races, but after the longer events I tend to feel like a human pinball.

    I'm what you would call a recreational racer. I do it because it's fun, it keeps me fit and it makes me a better biker. I'm not searching for every little edge that might bring me closer to the podium, because I'm nowhere near the podium. I'm trying to spend less than $2K, and I think the A2 could be the ticket.

    So, I have a few questions for you Anthem 2 owners:

    -- Are you running it stock or have you done a lot of upgrades?

    -- Are you racing with it? If so, at what level (beginner, sport, etc.) and how do you like it?

    -- Do you have any complaints with it?

    In a general sense, I'm mostly curious as to whether y'all have been happy with the A2, or if you're thinking, "Dang, I shoulda saved my pennies for the A1!"

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    Hmm, im running mostly stock, the only thing that I changed so far is my seatpost because the supplied seatpost is a bit short and the crankset, I wanted External BB cranks, original was ISIS.

    Well I occasionally race with it, its pretty nice. It climbs great with the correct seatpost length and Maestro is no hype, whatever Giant promotes Maestro about is true.

    My complaints? Occasionally lubricating my pivot seals because when it dries, you can hear creaking. And there is a creak sound coming from the BB area, I think its the BB/crankset, not the bike. Wished the pivot would have a cover like the Reign X

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    I don't own an anthem, but work at a bike shop where we have a demo model. I have taken it out plenty of times and love the way that bike rides. It accelerates like a hardtail and has the full suspension to take out the harshness. I currently race sport class at the local level (on a hardtail). And I do it mainly to stay fit and have fun with my friends. I have seen plenty of anthems at the races. I have a friend that races a stock 06 anthem 1, he races expert and he does quite well with it. It would be a great race bike for the beginer to the expert racer.

    If I owned one, I would get rid of the crankset first. That would be the best improvement to the anthem 2. Then look at the seatpost/handlebar setup. Great place to drop weight at a minimal price.

    Have fun

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    I race Sport, had an Anthem, and went back to my Trance. The amount of time I spend racing wasn't worth the sacrifice of a comfortable ride when I'm out playing on the local singletrack.

    My Trance tips the scales at 28lbs, and if I was a little more A-R about weight, I guess I could get lighter cranks and brakes. But the Trance has gotten me on the podium a few times, and I love it.

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