NRS rear shock settings?-
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    NRS rear shock settings?

    How do I know what PSI I need to set my shock to? Anyone got a chart or a forumla?

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    If you have the Fox or the Rockshox then look here -

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    Rear Shock Setting

    Quote Originally Posted by phazer
    How do I know what PSI I need to set my shock to? Anyone got a chart or a forumla?
    A\s per Giant specs your rear shock setting should be your body weight but in psi instead of pounds. At this setting Gaint guarantees no bob while pedalling even when standing. I use this setting when I am racing. When the off season comes around i lower the psi pressure to 80% of my body weight.

    I weigh 180 lbs so I pump up rear shocks to 180 psi, Racing Mode, In the Relaxed Mode so that there is some give whenever i go over bumps or ruts its at 80% of body weight or 145 psi.

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    Good job! Rear Shock PSI - Rock Shock Sid

    You put your weight -- true riding weight including all the junk on you and added to your bike like a tool bag -- in the top and always put 50 in the lower.

    I weigh 190 and put 205 in the top. That's 205 prior to unscrewing the shock pump. Note that the tube holds some pressure. Leave it at the proper PSI. If you screw it back in, it will seem like it's too low, however, that's because you just pressurized the tube. Same with the 50 in the lower. If you put more in the lower, the thing will be too bouncey. The Giant "NRS" is not really an NRS (advertising gimmick) and needs proper tuning or it will bob terribly!

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    I weight about 180lbs and have mine set to 170psi if thats of any help.

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